Wednesday, January 07, 2009

First in 2009 :)

Happy Belated New Year to Everyone!

Hope 2009 will be a good year for everyone! May all our wishes come true !

I shall start my first post for yr 2009 on my xmas and bd pressies... Hope it is not too late to post them now. :)

Purple shawl & a lovely clutch

Lovely and hand made stitch markers - Can't bear to use them..

And also yarns... yarns n yarns

Remember in one of my previous post, I received as part of my first bd pressie, I kept it and unwrapped on my bd and it is some lovely yarns and a pair of Addi needles.

I also receive a super lovely bag from HB (still intact in the carrier) hehee and another purple top from my buddy. I had not taken photos for those items. Would try to find time to take photos of them....

Thanks you everybody... :D

Coming up, some photos on my weekend trip in Dec. OMG! I have not sorted out the pics.

*Update(s): Opps, one pillow and one bag are missing from the pressie. heeheh***


Regg said...

where is the pillow?? you forgot?? kakakaka

Earin Marybird said...

Oh how I love presents. Your yarn is so delicious! What are you going to use the Noro for? People in my knitting group are making scarves with it that the Yarn Harlot has blogged about. They are very nice.

Happy Birthday! Happy New Year! Happy 2009!

Jackie said...

lovely gifts.

R a i n said...

Nice haul indeed! Hope you're having a great year.