Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A delay post on Cup cakes KAL

This is really long overdue post on cupcakes. I had been busy and lazy to update this post. Sorry gals. Here are the cupcakes that I had received from Yun. Aren't they (yam cupcakes) lovely and looks yummy? *blink blink*Besides that I also received cupcake from regg. Cupcake with chocolate icing my favorite.
Here are the two cupcakes that I had created for Windloop.

Along with the two cupcakes are some simple stitch markers that I had made.
Just cannot get the pixs right.

Btw I found this cute little angel cupcakes from the woman weekly magazine. Seems like cupcakes are in trend now. Yeah Cupcakes!!!


SummerCraftz said...

yr cupcakes are sweet!~

Annie said...

All the cupcakes are sweet and yummy!