Sunday, September 17, 2006

A short Getaway

I had been away from 10-Sept to 12-Sept. This time round it is a short getaway from singapore to Genting Highlands. Yeah it is gambling time. (well it is definitely a bit boring when I realise tat we r goin to eat, gamble and sleep for the whole trip *faint*). It is definitely a nice trip coz this is the first time round in maybe 5-6 years i went with a trip together with my parents.

Iternary of the trip: Eat, Gamble, Sleep and a little bit of shopping for me ;)

Our bus.
Nice & comfortable

First world hotel : First time we are going to stay in this hotel. Well it is definitely not those nice hotel. It is just a OK hotel.

The food at the restaurant are definitely yummy. Nice nice... The pricing are pretty alright too. Never manage to take pixs of the food. *Sigh*

Here are my shopping results. Two pairs of shoes.


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