Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rolling off

Today is my last day in this project. I had been wif this group of client for the past 1 yr 7 mth and 13 days since the first day I joined my current company. It is the day that I longed for -- to roll off from the project. I feel happy but sad at the same time with a bit of feeling lost.

Pple have being asking so wat are you going to do in the office, what is your next project etc for the past few days. "Erm I don't know have to depend on my boss" that was my standard answer. Really feeling lost and worry abt what goin to happen next at the same time looking forward to move on.

Thinking back, throughout this 1yr+ I had meet many pple and had a group of very nice to work with colleagues/friends as well as clients. From colleagues, we had turned into friends organising infrequent meetup (we still msn each other as most of them had joined other companies) :) We built up rapport with our clients having occasionally lunch together and gossiping session. :P

I guess I would miss them all and the good times that we had. Good luck to all.


Bee said...

no worries,
i "jia you" for you. all the best to your new project.:)


bluey said...

Thanks gal. ;)