Monday, May 29, 2006

My 1st Wedding Anniversary 28 - May -2006

It is a happy day for me despite that it is a rainy day. Simply because hb is back home early today at 11+am and he has the whole day to me.

Activities for the day
The day starts wif a dim sum breakfast cum lunch at tunglok(the place where we had our ROM lunch) to utitlize the tunglok pts that we had from the natas fair. It is yummy... however i left my camera at home so no pix.

After a super full lunch, we walk ard liang court den we move on to bugis to pray. As usual the carpark is super full and it took us 30 mins to have a lot. Maybe becoz we wait at the wrong spot coz all the cars ard us seems to manage to find a lot within 10 mins... wat's more that is the car with the driver and passenger chatting happily in the parking lot for a good 15 mins... so pi**ed off wif inconsiderate...

Finally i manage to catch the movie da vincci code at suntec although the book is better but it is still worth to watch the movie. be aware that u might not be able to understand the first half of the movie just like my hb or like me when i first read the book...

After which we went to the world book fair to renew our newspaper subscription n it is definitiely worth it coz it comes wif a 6 months free her world subscription.

We proceed on to the swarvoski shop with the intention to buy the heart shaped crystal pendant as my gift. Well the service is terrible, the SA simply take out the pendant n keep on wiping it after each touch n we walk up empty handed. Luckily there is a swarvoski roadshow n the SA is simply 101% much more better that the first one that i met at the shop n this time round i got my gift a crystal pendant that cost $133.... it comes in two-toned purple (my fave color).

Dinner time, we went to country mania (our first time there) coz hb got a birthday voucher. So we order a chicken n fish. After dinner, we just walk ard carrefor and headed home to Zzzzz......

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